Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Color of Our Sky

Who knows what makes us pick up one book over another. Is it the cover? The reviews? The title? Even while I am searching for a book I find myself wondering just what it is that grabs me or collects me or whispers to me. I know that there is an elusive something, a thing that I look for...vulnerability? Delicacy? Strength? Bravery? Humanity? Some combination of all of none of these?

In this case I must own that I was searching my eReader shop for cheap books. This one cost me $1.99.

The Color of Our Sky by AmitaTrasi.
I am a lover of all things Hindustani, I am in love with India in all of it's facets, but that's just a part of what attracted me to this story. It is a story of two friends from very different places in life. The combination of lyricism and starkness, of boldness and sacrifice, of innocence and innocence lost, of rustic India and modern America, I have followed the back and forth motion like a heartbeat.

The reader will learn more about the caste system in India and about the roles that women play. How much of these roles are choice and how many of the journeys are unavoidable. How significant is the need for learning to read to these girls? How can that ability change a life? Who can guess at the strengths and weaknesses of the adults, parents, caregivers who are in the position to care for us as children? At what point must the children recognize their own powerlessness, even at moments where they seem to make a choice? Is there redemption?

Such an interesting, rich, pregnant moment in time...

As for the author of this book, Amitra Trasi, this is her first novel and I, for one, will be waiting for the next.

I am at just about the half way point and I have been shocked and surprised and moved in so many ways; I have discovered that I am a poor predictor of story for I have been completely wrong as most of my early guesses. I am savoring as much as possible...so far I am spellbound...

I'll be back soon.

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